16 Tricks To Make Mornings Easier For Moms


3. Make The Menu

Boy eating cereal while having breakfast with his sister in the kitchen
Image source: greensuperfoods.us

If breakfast varies from morning to morning, find out what your kids want before they go to bed. Then, before you go to bed, take out what’s needed for the morning. If it’s cereal, put the box on the table along with bowls and spoons. If it’s bagels, put out plates, napkins, and cut bagels (in a bag for freshness). When the kids get to the table when the sun comes up, their breakfast is there to greet them. Score for mom.


4. Make Lunches At Night

Image source: clairetastes.com

We know you know this. But it’s worth repeating because making lunches is one mammoth chore. Scratching it off your To-Do list before you go to bed can make a tremendous, positive improvement in the a.m. If you can’t afford to buy individual snack bags of food, Sunday night, prepare for the week pre-portioned non-perishables the kids take each day: snack bags, pretzels, chips, etc. Then, each night when you are making lunches, just grab and toss the prepared bags into the lunchbox for the next day.