Never Eat These 8 Foods After Working Out

3. Carbs

Bananas and Shredz Protein
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Glycogen is the fuel that helped you work out. It’s stored in muscles, and if you are feeling fatigued from the exercise, you diminished your supply of glycogen. (Nice job!) Carbohydrates will help replenish them. Ideally, you can combine protein with the carbs and get on with your day.



4. When To Eat


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The best time to refuel and begin repairing your muscle tissue is within 30 minutes of your last rep. According to Spano, it is this time your muscles will be most receptive to the nutrients. recommends eating within 15 minutes if your goal is to build muscle, and if staying in shape or shedding pounds is your objective, you have up to 45 minutes. Just make sure you don’t eat the following foods…