11 Reasons Women Are Covering Their Cleavage: And Why You Should Too

3. Respect For Others

Image source: www.thebalance.com

“Read the “suggested dress for women” section in any manual on how to apply for a serious job, and you will be amazed at how closely it correlates to the general laws of modesty,” says Chaya Sarah Silberberg in her article on chabad.org. If you were invited to meet a world leader, would you not dress modestly out of respect? Why not do this everyday for everybody?

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4. Respect For God

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“It would be helpful to change the discussion from being about modesty to ‘appropriateness.’” This is what Peter W. Chin writes in his “Dad’s perspective” article on christianitytoday.com. This is supported by 21 year-old Olivia Howard on her Fresh Modesty blog: “It is choosing beauty over sensual. It is choosing the Lord’s ways over the world’s ways. It is living by design, not by default.” You are the daughter of the King of kings. Dress the part.

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