13 Awesomely Sweet Stories Of Revenge

3. Where’s The TP

Small Office Computer Room Design
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It was a small office. There were several employees. One man fell into the habit of stinking up the sole bathroom right after lunch. It was terrible because the scent escaped the lavatory and filled the office. It got so bad, the boss sent an office-wide memo (to all six employees) reminding them that there was a larger bathroom in the lobby and to please be considerate of coworkers. Well, the Post-Lunch Pooper disregarded the message and continued Number Two-ing after lunch. Since it was his pattern, one clever but cruel coworker entered the bathroom minutes before he would do his thing, and she took all the toilet paper, even the spare rolls, and hid them in the office. Minutes later, the culprit went to the lavatory. He was in there a long time, and the office worker tried hard to not laugh out loud. When the man finally emerged, he had to spend the rest of the day with a dirty rear.

4. Free Goats

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In another office in another city, a worker really upset a coworker named Joey. Joey got creative. He jumped on his computer, went to Craigslist and placed an ad. It said, “2 free goats. Habla Espanol.” He included the other guy’s phone number. Within minutes, the man’s phone started ringing. He spent the entire rest of the day fielding calls every 15 minutes or so.