13 Celebrity High School Dropouts Who Are Now Millionaires

Johnny Depp Picture

Johnny Depp – $400 Million Net Worth

Everyone knows Johnny Depp is worth a lot of money, but very few realize that he dropped out of high school to pursue a music career… but two weeks later he went back and told the dean that he made a mistake and that he wanted to try again. Luckily for him the Dean told him that he didn’t think that was such a good idea, and he actually encouraged Johnny Depp to go and pursue his music career. Nevertheless, his music career didn’t take off but he landed a role on “21 Jump Street” and then went on to make hit movies like “Pirate Of The Caribbean” and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”

Mark Wahlberg Picture

Mark Wahlberg

Not only did Mark Wahlberg drop out of school around the age of 13-14 but he also did a short stint in prison for assault. He then went on to turn his life around and started his entertainment career as a hip hop rapper known as Marky Mark. After that he acted in several blockbuster movies like, “The Perfect Storm”, and “The Departed”. He’s also the producer of “Entourage” and “Boardwalk Empire”.

He completed high school at the ripe old age of 42, showing you that it’s never too late to finish something important.