13 Of The Weirdest Jobs In The World. Guess Which One Is Not Real.

3. Pet Food Taster

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Image source: youtube.com

Is that a typo? Should it be pet food tEster? These folks evaluate the nutrition in pet food and try to conjure up new lines of food. However, one of the duties of their job is to in fact taste the food. (And then spit it out.) The U.S. Dept. of Labor lists the salary range for this job as $34,000 – $117,000. (College students would do it for pizza.)


4. Bed Warmers


Image source: europe.westinstore.com

It began in London when a hotel put staff members in full-body fleece. Rolling around in the beds created static that kept beds warm for customers. Recently, a woman entrepreneur started this business herself. She charges $85 to roll around in a client’s bed the hour before he or she turns in. With lots of clients, she’s rolling in dough!