13 Quick And Easy Ways To Keep Ants Away

3. Get The Queen

Image source: http://www.antnest.co.uk

This is the coolest method here. Depending on the species of ant, if you get the queen, you get the colony. The queen is the reproductive organ, and without her, a colony’s days are numbered. But it could take up to three months or even a year for the remaining ants to die out. Using the following simple method, you will uproot a colony and catch the queen in an amazing minimal number of minutes. Fill a glass with water. Squeeze in some lemon drops. Find an ant hole and using a syringe, send two shots of lemon water down the hole. When the scent reaches the queen, she’ll send out the message to evacuate and find a new home. Send more liquid until many ants start scurrying and…the queen emerges. She will be significantly larger than all the workers. Here’s a video. 


4. Soap And Water

Image source: en.wikipedia.org

This is the fastest temporary deterrent. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and a healthy dollop or two of dish detergent. If it does not form bubbles, give it a good shake. Then give the ants a good spray. Again, this won’t permanently solve the problem, but it will keep them at bay for awhile. The mixture will kill the ones that get sprayed and wash away any trail pheromone, preventing a line of ants from following the previous footsteps.