10 Stories From September 11 You Must Read

5. Admiration

Image source: www.cleveland.com

The NYFD take the stairs. Thinking only of others and suppressing their own misgivings, firefighters climb many, many flights to help people. 343 firefighters perished that day. Plus 23 police officers, 37 Port Authority police officers, and two paramedics…all died helping others. Pictured here is New York firefighter, Mike Kehoe, who thankfully survived.

6. Fear

Image source: www.zenaa.com

After the first plane hit the North Tower, people began descending the South Tower stairs, too. Around the 18th floor, wary workers got a boost from a security guard on a megaphone singing God Bless America. He encouraged everyone to keep moving, saying it was a historic day and they were going to make it.