Barack Obama’s Mom Ate What? Ten Things To Eat When You’re Expecting


3. Folate: Barack Obama

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Life’d: Mr. Obama, at 6 feet and an inch, you were one of the taller presidents to grace the Oval Office.

Obama: I was not born small. No. I was born a very healthy 8 lbs 3 oz and a good length. My mom did a good job of eating chickpeas and black beans during her first trimester. It was the folate. Most pregnant moms don’t get enough, and this can lead to small babies. It can also result in infections later on. Let’s be clear. My mom ate her folate. You can check my birth certificate about the weight.




4. Vitamin A: Marilyn Monroe

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Life’d: Ms. Monroe, what is your secret to looking so healthy?

M.M.: I like to think I was born healthy. People did not know as much about diet and prenatal nutrition in 1926, the year I was born. But my mother ate lots of sweet potatoes.

Life’d: Those taters have 300% the daily recommended intake of vitamin A which is good for fetal development.

M.M.: Uh-huh. It’s a super food, and it may have been super for my career.