Can Somebody Please Tell Me How These Dogs Did That?

1. Shana: Follow Me, Folks.

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When a violent snowstorm slammed the Enchanted Forest Wildlife Sanctuary, the the couple in charge of the rescued animals stepped outside to check something. Then trees fell and trapped them, leaving them exposed outdoors. They had no gloves. They had no scarves. They had no coats. They were both 81 years old. For two hours, the married couple kept warm by hugging, until out of the snow popped Shana, a dog they rescued from a puppy farm. One bark: “Come with me!” The frozen couple climbed into the foot-high hole and Shana pulled them through to 20-foot tunnel. (Twenty. Foot. Tunnel. Of snow!) It took two agonizing hours to crawl to the other end and they finally made it back to their house…which now had no power or heat. Shana lay next to the couple and kept them warm–and alive. Later that morning, firefighters arrived and kept staring at the tunnel, saying, “We’ve never seen anything like it.” It took Shana’s paws five months to heal.



2. Max: Sorry About Your Arm.

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Jack Farell woke up one night on his kitchen floor. His arm was bloody, and his his adopted German shepherd, Max, was biting him. The 80 year-old man used his good hand to call 911. When emergency personnel arrived, they quickly realized that Max was not attacking Farell; he was saving his life. The house was full of gas, and Jack stepped out of bed only to pass out from the deadly carbon monoxide. Max knew something was wrong and dragged the man from the bedroom to the kitchen, presumably aiming for the door, and that’s when Jack woke up.