18 Delicious Dessert Recipes In Under 90 Seconds

Dessert: It could be the greatest invention of all time. Whoever thought up the idea to serve a sweet dish after the main course deserves the Nobel Prize—or at least to a have pie named after him.

First impressions are important, but so are final tastes. Dessert is the last thing your family or your guests will eat. If you make a mediocre meal but follow it with a smashing dessert, that’s what they’ll remember. You can conjure up super-sweet desserts like candy cane truffles and monkey bread; or fun desserts like kebabs and chocolate peanut butter pretzel bars; or savory desserts like cheesecake in a jar; or decadent desserts like creamy chocolate mousse.

Whatever your desire to create in your kitchen, you’ll find it in these 18 short videos. So we invite you to sit back, dig in and learn how to make some desserts that will WOW. Enjoy!