Don’t Stand In The Door Frame…And 12 Other Tips To Survive Emergencies

1. Earthquake   

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Do not stand in the doorway! This myth began when somebody took a photo of an adobe home after an earthquake, and the door frame was the only thing still standing. If you’re in an adobe abode during the earth’s rock and roll, run to the door frame. Otherwise, follow the advice from the experts: DROP to your knees and COVER your head as you crawl to get under something sturdy, like a table. HOLD on to it in case it shifts. If you’re in bed, stay there. Lie face down and put the pillow over your head and neck.



2. Tornado

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Oklahoma gets an average of 52 tornadoes each year. The Emergency Medical Services Authority there, a public trust entity, offers this advice: If you can’t get underground, get to the lowest point of your home. Otherwise, get to a room without windows. If you can’t even do that, move to the middle of a room because debris often flies to the corners. If you can, cover your head and neck with a pillow or blanket. In an office building, go to the basement, or short of that, go for an inside hallway as close to the lowest level as you can get. If you are outdoors or in a car, best to find shelter indoors. If you can’t, lie in a ditch and protect your head and neck. Worry about your car later.