Here Is How You Make Ad Money Blogging

3. Plan Backwards

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Blog Tyrant suggest planning backwards. That means, before you begin typing your breakout blog post, strategize how you intend it to bring in bucks. Consider your niche or your target demographic. Is this group likely to spend money? Yes. Great! What product, service, or course could you offer them? Which relevant third party products or services would want to advertise on your blog? What affiliates can you join? If you are not sure, visit competing or like-minded blogs. What types of ads are on their screen?


4. The Content

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Simply said, it’s gotta be useful or helpful. Amy Lynn Andrews, on her blog about blogging, says that she’s “watched the blogosphere for years.” She simplifies what readers want into these five categories: solving a problem, relieving fears, learning something new, reaching a goal, and being entertained. Which “itch” is your blog going to scratch? Okay, now that that’s settled, and you planned backwards, we can focus on getting you readers.