Never Eat These 8 Foods After Working Out

5. Raw Veggies


What’s wrong with eating a cucumber or a carrot while the sweat is still glistening? They lack calories. You don’t want an abundance of calories, but you need to restore your energy. Combine your carrot (or whatever veggie) with a higher-calorie delicious dip. Like humus or nut butter. Or even yogurt. Watch the calories though! You need to get enough. But you also don’t want to overload. That will undo what you just achieved.


6. Salty Snacks

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According to a Men’s Fitness article and, salty snacks can deplete your potassium levels. Potassium is a mineral that is good for your muscles. It’s also an electrolyte. However, sodium (another electrolyte), competes with potassium. Salt can diminish your body’s supply of K. (That’s chemistry code for potassium.) Avoid salty pretzels, salty cheeses, etc. Potato chips are high in salt. They’re also high in potassium. This writer has not been able to reconcile why others say to avoid chips. : / Could be the high fat.