Never Eat These 8 Foods After Working Out

7. Fast Food

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We know you don’t eat fast food after working out. You don’t, right? Though convenient on your race from the gym to wherever is next, one burger might replenish the calories you just burned. It can also slow your digestion. Possibly worst of all, if you eat a fast food burger, you’ll be scavenging for more food in an hour. Pack a snack for the car and skip the drive-thru.



8. Soda Pop

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After a workout, you’ll want to replenish your water. Soda pop is not the way to do it. One can’s worth of cola has 9 grams of sugar. You might be better served swallowing the almost two teaspoons of sugar and washing it down with a cup of water. (Don’t do that.) Don’t drink cola, either. It’s bad for every part of your body. Except maybe your tongue. What about sports drinks? Read on…