Protein: Eat Too Much And Here’s What Happens

3. Weaker Bones

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The more protein you put in your mouth, the more calcium you’ll deposit in the toilet. Why? Two guys at the University of Alabama may have the answer. It seems protein creates acids in the body that bind to calcium. Then, somehow, the two search for the quickest exit. If you don’t replenish the calcium that goes down the drain, it could mean osteoporosis later in life.

4. Weight Gain

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In 2003, Scott M. happily joined 7,000 others in a dietary weight study. His joy increased when he learned he was in the group that would make protein one-fifth of their daily diet. “Steak and eggs for breakfast!” he thought. However, things went south for Scott. Like the others in his protein-heavy group, Scott actually gained weight. He was also one of several high-protein eaters who died before the study concluded six years later.